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9 Reason

9 Reasons to choose Qmax


Training for our members and dealer

We are backed by nationwide dealers. We also providing trainings, certifications and technical knowledges. Our company running the business specialize in automotive performance products since 2002.


Sirim QAS International

SIRIM - The stringest product quality assessment firm. Our product is endorsed by SIRIM Malaysia for its effectiveness and quality.


International Recognised

Qmax is recognised internationally. Qmax has been exporting Fuel Saving Devices to countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Iran, Ireland.



Multi-National Patented for its Superiority

Qmax Energy Saver device has gain 6 patents in number of countries around for it's outstanding advantages. These countries are Australia, USA, Malaysia, Taiwan and China.


Quality, Guarantee, Confidence "up to 5 years Warranty"

Our product is made with top quality materials from around the world. Before any production of the items, it has gone thru many Research & Development, by Engineers who work endless hours. This is to ensure it meets high quality.


Compatible with different type of vehicles 

Qmax products are comply with virtually any types of internal combustion engine fitted on vehicles. Ranging from small motorcycle, car, to truck and even commercial machinary, such as excavator, generator and so on.


Less emission, Environment Friendly

Our Qmax products has been tested and tested for countless times for it's effectiveness on improving Engine's efficiency. The emissions is reduced significantly.


Cost Saving

Qmax products will not only enabling better performance and reduce emission, it also extend battery, alternator, electrical, electronic, computer system & engine life, reduce carbon built-up, futher extending Catalytic converter's lifespan. Hence, it saves you lots and lots of money on fuel, maintenance and  costly repair.



 Beware of Imitation

Always insist on original for Optimum result and peace on mind. Because we use only top quality parts on Qmax products, together with years of R & D and endurance test on various conditions. Hence we can provide with up to 5 years warranty, one of the longest warranty available on market.