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MACE SQ judge & Car Audio Advisor K.V Low Claimed

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MACE SQ judge & Car Audio Advisor KV Low certified that Qmax Nano Fuel can improve sound effect by up to 20% after installing Qmax Nano Fuel connecting to a set component sound speaker (6.5inch), with retails price of below 2k. KV Low discovered that with Qmax Nano Fuel installed, the effect of sound in stage performance such as piano, drum and vocal is more solid and clear. Compared to a same set without installing the product

Mr. William driving Hyundai Sonota


This is my 2011 Hyundai Sonata 2.0. It comes with 6-speed auto, Dual CVVT engine. First i went to After12 Motorsport and install Qmax Voltage Stabilizer ,Qmax Grounding Cable,Qmax nano Air 2pcs and Nano Fuel 6pcs. Compare to before, now my car is easier to start, engine response very good and better than before. Besides that engine sound more solid, kind of like BMW vehicle. Before that the fuel consumption about 9.61/100km, after install getting 8.01/100Km. For 0-100Km/h, over Ĺ second faster that before. 

 Mr. Nozilan driving Toyota Vios



I have installed the Qmax grounding cable and Qmax Volt Stabilizer for my vios at one of your dealer, Kaitenaz Racing. Thumb up for your product, my car response and torque very noticeable difference. My car already lightly modded with aftermarket intake, exhaust, extractor and whole bunch load of other item from Sun Auto and Pivot. None of it give the additional punch until i installed the Qmax grounding cable(3-plus1+). Later, i getting another set of Qmax grounding cable (2-plus1+) for my Myvi.


Mr. Ryan APM Dragon Racer




A normal life span of a stock standard maintenance free battery can last up to 1 to 1.5 year before change. With Qmax Grounding Cable, Qmax Voltage Stabilizer and Qmax NanoTech, my maintenance free battery still running on a 100% charging after 3 years. Engine response is so much better during acceleration and a result proven increased in horsepower. Thanks to Qmax Racing for such awesome products.


Mr. Alan Mu Street Car CLASS 2 Novice Champion (PERODUA 1.3)


I am Alan Mu, owner of a Perodua Myvi 1.3 was quite skeptical when I first heard about the mentioned product. The claimed advantages of the product just seems too good to be true, but relented to have it installed due to the superb salesmanship of the sales person at V-Class Motorsport (M) Sdn Bhd.


After driving my car for a couple of days after the installation of the Qmax Grounding Cable and Qmax Voltage Stabilizer, it was signing a different tune, which was full of praises for the positive results I purchased from the product.


In the past, my car felt lethargic when going up a steep slope, but this is now a thing of the past as a significant increase in torque and horsepower can be felt, resulting in a better throttle response. Besides this, engine start-up and idling stability has also improved significantly. Another thing that put a smile on my face was that, I was getting more mileage for my tank of petrol, a surprise to me with the enhancement in engine performance would meant a 'thirsty' engine.


"Armed" with an enhanced car, I had recently participated in the Rally X Series Sepang 2009 Street Car Class 2 Novice, emerging as champion in this class. I gather that the Qmax Nano Technology Grounding Alternator Charging Power Booster Cable should get part of the credit for this successful run

Feedback from lowyat forum members (Qmax engine oil)

My engine is really quieter than before, just like what seller told me what im going to experience with this oil and also very responsive. less groaning in high rpm. less screaming in 7200 rpm. read more...

Mr. Kamaru driving Mitsubishi Grandis

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Saya adalah seorang pemandu Mitsubishi Grandis 2.4 mivec dari KL ke Muar.Sebelum ini kegunaan minyak kereta saya terlalu tinggi dan adakalanya kereta saya menghadapi masalah kekuranagan kuasa.Setelah diperkenalkan oleh kawan saya Ah Siong dari Jay-Jay Autosound & Security satu produk dari V-Class Motorsport iaitu ECO PACKAGE seperti Guang Dao LV Auto,Qmax Grounding Wire Kit, Qmax Nano fuel dan Qmax Nano Air. Kegunaan minyak kereta saya telah berkurangan sebanyak 25%.Bukan itu sahaja,malah pedal minyak kereta saya lebih ringan,lebih lancar dan lebih kuasa.

Mr. Joe Tan driving Proton Wira

I have no regrets purchasing a Qmax Package, which consist of Qmax Grounding Cables, Qmax Nano Fuel, Qmax Nano Air and Qmax Voltage Stabilizer. As I am driving the Proton Wira 1.5 (SE) Auto, the fuel consumption was quite taxing but these products gave me more mileage after installation. I felt great driving my car as it gave me the power whenever I needed it yet save on fuel up to 30%. Thank you Qmax Racing !

Mr. Kelvin Installed Qmax products on sound system

I love everything about audio and when I first heard of Qmax products could help in improving my sound system, I couldnít believe it. After trying on the Qmax Grounding Cables and a few pieces of Nano Fuel clipped on my audio cable, the quality of sound became so much better than before. Blasting audio, playing music and song will never be the same experience again. You guys are AWESOME !

Mr. Shahkil driving Honda Civic

Saya Shahkil berasal dari Wangsa Maju Setapak, telah mencuba satu produk kereta yang dikenali sebagai Guang Dao Voltage Stabilizer dan Photo-Conducted Grounding Wire. Barangan ini diperkenalkan oleh seorang salesman dari V-Class Motorsport semasa saya membeli-belah di Carrefour. Setelah saya mencuba barangan ini saya dapati pedal minyak saya lebih ringan dan pemanduan lebih lancar. Saya amat berpuas hati dengan barangan ini kerana tidak sampai satu hari saya dapat rasakan perubahannya. Di lain masa saya akan mencuba lagi produk yang dijual disana seperti Qmax Nano Fuel dan Air. Terima Kasih V-Class!

Ms. Tan driving Naza Citra

Hi, I own a Naza Citra 2005 (Kia carens). On that year, I installed Qmax package products, it gives me satisfying driving pleasure. Now, 6 years already past .The product is still working well on my car. Apart from periodic maintenance, my car still runs as smooth as it was new, no major repair done. The car battery last for 3 years. It has saved me a lot of money. Thank you V-class motorsport for bringing me such a wonderful products.

Mr. John driving Volkswagen Passat

My car is VW Passat 2005 and it is already powerful and quiet. Before I buy Qmax product, I was unsure how much it can still improve my car performance. But one I got the Qmax products on, the engine is now quieter than before, during acceleration. Not only that, I am impressed with more responsive and even smoother acceleration. Highly recommended !!

Mohd. Sofi driving Toyota Innova

Saya Mohd. Sofi, menyeter mobil jenis Toyota kijang Innova basin telah mencuba satu barangan mobil yang diperkenalaan oleh seorang jurujual dari Malaysia. Kelebihan barangan itu adalah untuk menambah kuasa & hemat basin. Setelah mencuba barangan itu saya dapati mobil saya lebih lancar dari kebiasaannya. Mesin juga lebih mantap dan asap hitam semakin berkurangan. Barangan yang saya gunakan itu adalah seperti Qmax grounding cable and Nano. Saya ucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada jurujual dari Malaysia kerana telah memperkenalkan barangan itu kepada saya. Saya amat senang sekali dengan barangan tersebut. Saya akan mengajak ahli keluarga serta rakan saya untuk mencuba barangan V-Class Motorsport.

Halim Mohamad driving Honda Accord

I would like to say a big thank you to Qmax Racing for introducing me to such powerful engine oil. My old junk revived and running smoothly than before. Iíve been driving my Honda Accord 1.8 manufactured in 1984 and never thought it could last till today. You guys made the impossible to POSSIBLE with Qmax 5 W 40 Engine Oil. My ride ROARS AGAIN !

Mr. Alex Chang installed Qmax Nano Air

I always wanted to change my brake kit as it was giving me one kind of sound and not biting the road. Knowing Qmax Racing products through a friend and I finally gave it a go. Qmax Nano Air not only solves my braking problems but it gave me confident when I hit on my brakes. I will definitely return for other Qmax products really soon. Thank you Qmax Racing !